V57 / VCrew

V57 5th – 7th  | VCREW 8th – 12th

We believe that by creating a unique environment on youth night, students are excited to hear the word of God, be challenged by its truth & encouraged by leaders as well as their peers in their walk with Christ! Student VGroups are also offered to help Students experience all that God has to offer by providing an avenue for connecting with others through life-giving relationships. We commit to creating opportunities for our youth to worship, serve the church and serve those outside of it. We commit to prepare them for life’s challenges, healthy relationships and for leadership.

Youth Nights happen every other Friday night 7P -9P at VC. It’s a time where V57 and VCREW gather together to experience an incredible time of worship, word, food and fun.


Youth & Discipleship Pastor | Briana Howe