VGroups 2015

A place to CONNECT - A place to PROTECT - A place to GROW

In times of need and times of fun, VGroups are your source of friendship and support. They are your key to developing connections with those who share your interests or people who are dealing with similar life issues.

VGroups are an opportunity to reach out to others, while growing in your walk with the Lord. We now have many interest-based VGroups along with Bible studies that meet at the church and in people’s homes. Please see the list below and contact the leader of the group you are interested in. You may also email with any other questions you may have.

Just Dinner

Brian & Erica Oliver
Message Brian for directions
Tuedays: 6:30pm (bi-weekly)

How to succeed in Art without even trying!

Bo Brummett
Local Parks TBA
Tuesdays: 6:00pm (Weekly)
$25 for supplies

Game Group

Tomesia McNeil
White Flag Games
Message Tomesia for directions
Sundays: 5-7pm (bi-weekly)

Women’s Bible Study

Kristin De la Cruz
Message Kristin for directions
Mondays: 10am (weekly)

Yarning for Jesus

Robin Wells
Message Robin for directions
Wednesdays: 6:30pm (weekly)

Bible Study

Chris Gilbert
Vertical Church
Wednesdays: 6pm (weekly)

Coupon & Sales

Renee Blackledge
Vertical Church
Wednesdays: 6pm (bi-weekly)

Unglued – Women’s Bible Study

Stephanie Gilbert
Book Study from the comfort of your home online using Google+
Mondays: 9pm (bi-weekly)
Max 12 participants

Simple Cooking

Vaunda Prince
Message Vaunda for directions
Fridays: 6:30-8:00pm (bi-weekly)


Angie Cote
Vertical Church
Tuesdays: 6pm (weekly)
Child Care Available

Mens Outdoors Group

Bob Balzano
Locations will vary on activity
Saturday Mornings: TBA (bi-weekly)

Snack n’ Play

Lauryn Montgomery
Message Lauryn for directions
Tuesdays: 1-3pm (weekly)

Outreach Group

Rachel Rutherford
Various Locations & Times
Rachel will contact group with opportunities

Sharing Your Faith with the Muslim Community

Roy Sword
Vertical Church
Thursdays: 7pm (bi-weekly)