Spring VGroups 2018

A place to CONNECT - A place to PROTECT - A place to GROW

In times of need and times of fun, VGroups are your source of friendship and support. They are your key to developing connections with those who share your interests or people who are dealing with similar life issues.

IT’S THAT TIME! VGroups are just around the corner, and it’s time to sign up! VGroups play a huge role in connecting with others at Vertical Church. At VGroups, you will find a place to connect and form relationships with others who you can share life with. VGroup sign-ups are located in the lobby. Please see the list below and contact the leader of the group you are interested in. You may also email Briana Howe briana@myverticalchurch.com with any other questions you may have.

VGroup Weekly Schedule Feel free to join a group any time and get connected with others at Vertical Church.

Adult Discipleship

Starts Feb 15th
Thursdays Bi-Weekly 6:30PM @ VC

Just Dinner

Starts Feb 13th
Tuesdays Bi-Weekly 6:30PM @ The Olivers’

Men's Study

Starts Feb 22nd
Thursdays Weekly 7:00PM @ VC

Women's Study

Starts Feb 26th
Mondays Bi-Weekly 6:30PM @ VC

Women's Study

Starts Feb 13th
Tuesdays Weekly 6:30PM @ The Vances’

Women's Workout

Starts Feb 22nd
Thursdays Weekly 7:00PM @ Planet Fitness


Starts Feb 19th
Mondays Weekly 7:00PM @ VC


Starts Feb 25th
Sundays Weekly 5:30PM @ The Waltzes’

Young Adults: Ages 18-29

Various Monthly Events

The Middle: 30s & 40s

Starts: Mar 2nd
Fridays Bi-Weekly 7:00PM @ VC

Kindess Matters

Starts: Feb 19th
Mondays Bi-Weekly 6:30PM @ Various Locations

Coffee & Canvas

Starts: Mar 1st
Thursdays Weekly 6:00PM @ VC


Starts: Feb 9th
Fridays Weekly 10:30Am & 1:30PM @ VC

Good Grief: Grief Study

Starts: Feb 21st
Wednesdays Bi-Weekly 7:00PM @ VC

The Hangout: Youth

Starts: Feb 25th
Sundays Bi-Weekly 6:30PM @ Various Locations

Anxiety: Youth Girls

Starts: Feb 19th
Mondays Bi-Weekly 6:30PM @ The Howes’


Starts: Feb 19th
Mondays Weekly 7:00AM @ VC

Bait of Satan Study

Starts: Feb 23rd
Fridays Weekly 6:30PM @ VC

Adventuring Through The Bible

Starts: Feb 12th
Mondays Bi-Weekly 6:30PM @ VC