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A message from Kids Ministry Coordinator Jordyn Waltz

Hello VKids parents!

Thank you for checking out our VKids page. We want to empower you to help your children grow spiritually. I hope you find this fun activity & devotion helpful this week. Taking a little time each week to read and talk to your kids about God will make a huge impact on their lives!

We can’t wait to have your sweet children back in class. Until then, keep encouraging them, and assure them that we will be back together in class very soon! Feel free to reach out via email if you need anything or have any questions at all.

Have a great week!
Jordyn Waltz
Kids Ministry Coordinator

At Home Devotional & Worship


We can show others mercy


David Spares Saul’s Life: 1 Samuel 24:1-18; (Luke 6:36)


  • Why did Saul want to harm David?
  • Why did David spare Saul’s life?
  • How did Saul respond when David spared his life? Read Luke 6:36.
  • How has God been merciful to you this week?
  • Instead of seeking revenge, what should be your response to someone who has hurt you?
  • How can you respond to someone who has wronged you?
  • Do you know anyone who needs to be shown compassion?
  • How can you show compassion to them?


Isaiah 41-10 (NIV)


Give each kid a four-by-four square of light-colored construction paper. Attach completed squares to the poster board to make a mosaic.  What are some ways we can show mercy and compassion to others? Let’s write them on these paper squares and make a Mercy Mosaic!


Worship Music

Click here to check out an awesome playlist of worship songs for the kids!

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